Graphic Design

Inari Medical


Per-Procedure-Pricing brochure


FlowTriever brochure


Learning Portals


Samples of brochures created for Inari Medical for different purposes, provide information about certain products, clinical trial data, pricing for procedures, etc. Brochures were designed with Inari's branding to provide a consistent image across all marketing materials.

Samples of posters created for Inari Medical, some being editable PDFs to fill out contact, and specific case information. Posters were created to provide information to physicians, patients, etc. Posters were created with Inari's branding to provide a consistent image.

Samples of documentation for physicians created for Inari Medical, these documents are used for billing and reimbursement purposes. Created the anatomies following Inari's branding.

Branded learning portals for employees learning about the VTE disease state treated by Inari and to learn about the products used to treat those diseases. Portals have different names and Inari color variations to distinguish portals.

Packaging for Inari was designed to emphasize the purple color that represents Inari, as well as keeping the functionality in mind for the boxes, with different color accents to distinguish different disease states and products.